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Monday, September 20th

8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

DebateMath & WGOiTGraph? 
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Join me as I interview Sharon Hessney: the curator, writer and moderator of the New York Times Learning Network's What's Going On in This Graph?, a partnership of the New York Times and the American Statistical Association. This FREE, weekly online feature is adaptable to all classes and accessible to all levels of student achievement.

Together, we will learn more about this wonderful tool--its background, its goals--and explore ways to integrate it more fluidly into the math classroom. We will also discuss how to build routines to help students have deeper conversations with the data and respond to each other.

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Monday, September 20th

8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

Use the button below to Register for the FREE webinar and sign up for my monthly newsletter!


For the past 15+ years I have been teaching math at the high school and middle school levels. I also have a passion for Speech & Debate and have worked to find ways to incorporate discourse and debate routines in math class!

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Chris Luzniak

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"This work is VITAL to create citizens who can think critically and I can try this in small ways to build a comfort level for myself and my students."

- Val (Los Angeles, CA)

"Chris's information is so practical and ready-to-use. His sessions are can't-miss."

- Pat (Cleveland, OH)


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